“How is it possible to thank the people who took your vision and in return gave you your dream home?

Taylored Construction seamlessly combined thoughtful and technical construction with practical liveability. Thomas and Colleen have somehow done the impossible, creating a home which is the perfect amalgamation of cleverly executed and bold design while also being, in its truest definition, a family home – the place where you can kick your shoes off, curl up on the hanging chair and watch the kids run around the back garden.

The strongest quality of Taylored Construction is their attention to detail, at times it seemed as if they were even more invested in our renovation than we were. While we can never truly gauge the amount of time and careful planning that Thomas put into the building process, you only have to walk through our home, look around and you will see that nothing has been left to chance. With Thomas, Colleen and the Taylored Construction team you just know that they will put the same thought and effort into your house as they would if they were building their own.

Thank you will never seem enough to the people and company who gave us, gave our family, our forever ‘happy place'”

-Alex & Dan